Senin, 09 Maret 2009

How To Create Recent Post and Comments Widget for Blogger

Here is some simple step-by-step guide on "how to create Recent Posts and Recent Comments widgets" for Blogger.

1 - login ke your blogger account
2 - in the dasboard, choose the menu 'Layout'
3 - choose 'add a page element', in a pop-up window, choose 'feed elements', click
'add to blog' or click the (+) sign.
4 - Fill in your Feed address. You don't know your feed address? check out this simple example :
If your blog’s address is,
then Your posts’ feed is :
and Your comments’ feed is :
5 - You can change the title of this widget. You can name it Recent Posts, Recent Comments or My Recent Post or anything you like.
There are also some options for you to choose as you like,
- Combobox “5 items” : means the number of your items you want to be displayed (1 to 5 items)
- Checkbox “Item dates” : check it if you want to show date of your posts/ comments
- Checkbox “Item sources/authors” : check it if you want to show sources/ authors of your posts/ comments
6 - last step is SAVE
7 - Done

Check out your blog now, the widget should be there by now..
Simple, isn't it?!!

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Harry ( Arry ) Riyadi mengatakan...

Halo,..aku mau ajak kerjasama bisnis bareng nih,...tapi terlalu panjang aku jelasin disini. Proposalnya download dibawah sini aja yahh. thank you lho sebelumnya.

Rully Taraka mengatakan...

thanks sudah mampir..
proposalnya tak pelajari dulu deh..
thanks again, bro..