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Music Review
Cool Track/s : Deeds Of Flesh, Acid Troops, Carnivorous Ways
Rate : 7,5 / 10

The history of the American band Deeds Of Flesh begins in 1993 when Jacoby
Kingston (vocals and bass), Erik Lindmark (vocals and guitar) and Joey
Heaslet (drums) started playing together. Trading Pieces is the bands second album and it was released in its original form in 1996. When Deeds Of Flesh was signed to the Dutch record label Unique Leader Records they decided to re-release Trading Pieces as well as their third album, Inbreeding The Anthropophagi in new re-mixed and re-mastered versions.

The first 40 seconds of the album explains quite good what this is all about. The sound of a human being torn apart is what you hear in the short intro before Carnivorous Ways begins. The sound is quite typical grind/death metal with quite fast drums, dark growl and a dark feeling on
top of it all.

The lyrics are also quite typical grind/death metal; they are morbid and consist of cannibalism, the killing of babies and a lot of blood and rotting corpses. My favourite songs on this album are Deeds Of Flesh and Trading Pieces. However, the songs are a little bit too monotonous so some more variation would have made this album better.

Want this album? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

Kamis, 28 Agustus 2008


Music Review



Cool Track/s : If The Truth Be Known, MIndsnare, Suffer The Children

Rate : 9 / 10

Napalm Death are a grindcore/death metal band formed in the village of Meriden near Birmingham, England in 1982 by Nicholas Bullen and Miles Ratledge. The group are generally acknowledged as the group that invented the grindcore genre, a fusion of thrash metal and hardcore punk. The band thenprogressed from these beginnings after their first two albums and became a more death metal sounding band. But, however, 'till today, Napalm Death is still known as a 'Grindcore Pionner'.

Harmony Corruption is my favorit Napalm Death's album among others. In this album they progressed their grindcore style into a more death metal sound. The songs is more complex with more progressive death metal riffs and explorations, but still have the grindcore roots. In my opinion, Mark 'Barney' Greenway is one of the best Growl Vockiller in the underground scene. My favorit is, off course, 'Suffer The Children', 'If The Truth Be Known' and 'Mindsnare'. Classic stuff !!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

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Several Ways To Make Dollar From The Internet

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See, there are a lot of ways for you to make money online. And from my experience, they're all free, and also not too hard to do, if you're willing to learn and try. So, what are you waiting for ? Start blogging and make money. Harvest your dollar NOW!! Good Luck !!

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GOTHIKA (Review)

Movie Review

Tittle : GOTHIKA

Rate : 7,5 / 10

A Criminal Psychiatrist Dr. Miranda Grey (Berry), wakes up and find herself a patient in the rehabilitation center where she used to work. She was charged for a murder of her husband. While she was trying to regain pieces of her memories and proved that she was inocent, a spirit came out of nowhere and beat her furiously. The next thing she know, she drowned deep into her delusional trance. What was that all about?

For fans of thriller movies, this movie is recommended. Not only because of the strong story that is so unpredictable, but also the strong character build by Halle Berry. She's brilliantly play her psychotic role in this movie. I am a big fans of horror and thriller movies, and i like this movie a lot.Maybe it's not as scary as 'The Ring' or dark as 'The Grudge', but a chilling frightened story mixed with beautifull celeb like Berry (hmm..) i think it's a cool formula. That's makes this movie worth to watch, trust me. Overall, two thumbs up!!


Music Review


Cool Track/s : Funeral In Carpathia, Dusk N'Her Embrace, Malice Through
The Looking Glass
Rate : 9 / 10

Cradle of Filth is a black metal band formed in Suffolk, England in 1991. The band's sound has gradually evolved from raw, traditional black metal, to a cleaner and more "produced" amalgam of gothic metal, symphonic black metal and other extreme metal styles, while its lyrical themes and imagery are heavily influenced by gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films. According to Metal Hammer magazine, Cradle Of Filth is the most successful British metal band since Iron Maiden.

Dusk N' Her Embrace is Cradle of Filth's third release and second full-length album, it's differs greatly from the band's previous two releases in terms of sound. The music is faster and more accomplished, and Dani Filth's vocal gymnastics are at their most extreme. The album is loosely inspired by the writing of Sheridan Le Fanu and many of the songs hint at vampirism, although vampires are not mentioned by name.

This Album, in my opinion, is the most 'black metal' album among all Cradle's great albums. I like them all, but i really love this one. The sound is really atmospheric and dark, really rich with great black metal riffs. I just love to play 'Funeral In Carpathia' on my stereo when i miss Cradle Of Filth. Dusk N' Her Embrace is bloody classic!!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008

ACUPUNTURE, New Alternative Medicational Techniques

"Acupuncture is a technique of inserting and manipulating fine filiform needles into specific points on the body with the aim of relieving pain and for therapeutic purposes"

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) about 25 years ago announced that there are 43 kinds - even
more - disease can be healed with the technique of acupuncture. Nowadays, there are about 1.100 kinds of disease were healed with this technique of acupuncture , 250 among others with satisfied result. Some previous eyes disease which medically expressed ‘cannot be healed anymore’, now can be healed through technique of acupuncture. Eye-specialized doctors working well together with acupuncturist (Zhen-jiu) have proved some glaucomas patients, cataract, neritis optica can be healed with this techniques after “daily” three month therapy and medications.

“Zen Jiu’ or acupuncture is an important part in Chinese health-science history . According to the book “"Huang Di Nei Jing" (The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine), this techniques have been developed since the stone age, approximately 4000 or 5000 years ago. They were using needle which made from a sharpened stone to do the acupuncture technique. The book revealed a story about a treatment for an abscess using this ‘stone needle’. The needle then developed from stone to ‘bamboo’, from bamboo to bone, then from bone to bronze. The book also revealed about ‘Jing Luo’ and ‘Xue-Wei, the medication techniques and the disease story along with the medications.

Acupuncture then spread from China to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere in East Asia. Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century were among the first to bring reports of acupuncture to the West. In the 1970s, acupuncture became popular in America after The U.S President, Nixon along with some doctors visits China and brought back firsthand reports of patients undergoing major surgery using acupuncture as their sole form of anesthesia. The National Acupuncture Association (NAA), the first national association of acupuncture in the US, then introduced acupuncture to the West through seminars and research presentations. The NAA created and
staffed the UCLA Acupuncture Pain clinic in 1972. This was the first legal clinic in a medical school setting in the US.

The latest reports stated that there were over 1.100 diseases had been treated by acupunture techniques, 250 among others with satisfied result. In 1984, WHO Director Mr. Zhundao Hong from Japan, stated that "Acupunture has become a new medication technique, and used as an alternative medication to help west medication scientist to cure diseases they couldn't healed before"

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Nutrisi Pada Usia Emas Anak Kita

Usia emas terjadi di sepanjang tahun kehidupan anak, dimulai dari inisiasi menyusu dini (IMD) dengan ASI sebagai satu-satunya nutrisi terbaik. Nutrisi usia reptilian brain adalah sentuhan, pengayaan khasanah panca indera anak, tawa seorang ibu, candaseorang ayah, gelitik kasih mesra keduanya. Perkenalan sayur dan buah sebagai karbohidrat terbaik dimulai dari bentuk cair (sebagai sari buah / sayur) hingga bentuklumat, setengah padat, dan bentuk layak kunyah. Bukan susu hewan.

Nutrisi mamalian brain dan masa pengembangan area gestalt anak menjelang sebelum masuk SD adalah gerak. Olah raga dapat meningkatkan fungsi otak secara keseluruhanmelalui aktivasi Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) untuk memperbaiki, danmencetuskan perkembangan sel-sel syaraf yang baru di otak. Pada saat sel otot membutuhkan asam amino dari makanan kaya protein, sel-sel saraf di otak membutuhkan DHA (bagian dari omega 3) yang bekerja sama dengan BDNF untuk performa prima saraf maupun fungsi otak. Ini semua adalah persiapan seorang anakmemasuki perkembangan otak logik yang baru dimulai pada usia 7 tahun.

Salah satu yang tidak kalah penting dalam nutrisi di usia 4,5 - 7 tahun adalahmemberi jalur ekspresi pada anak, agar dia mampu mengedepankan apa yang dirasakannya.Biarkan dia tertawa ngakak, melukis dengan jari atau mempersembahkan kado ulangtahun hasil kreasinya.
Perkenalkan berbagai sayur lalap dengan lauk pauk yang semakin bervariasi. Bukan biskuit yang membuatnya mimpi menjadi gajah terbang atau cairan kuningyang identik dengan sari jeruk, seakan akan jeruk sungguhan sudah punah dariplanet bumi. Dia akan menjadi anak yang sangat tidak rasional ketika usiaperkembangan otak logiknya tiba.

Apa rahasia peningkatan kecerdasan anak? Semua ada di tangan ayah bundanya.Pemahaman mendalam tentang bagaimana tumbuh kembang anak yang wajar dan alamiah,serta memberikan kepada anak apa yang menjadi haknya. Dia akan menjadi anak yang paling beruntung, paling berbahagia di dunia. Ini kunci keberhasilan hidupnya.

Janganlah terlalu memaksakan anak anda untuk menjadi seperti Einstein. Apakah anda tahu ibu Einstein juga akhirnya mengeluarkannya dari sekolah? Masihkah 'kecerdasan' gaya Einstein itu diperlukan? Harusnya anda sudah tahu jawabannya..Good Luck.........

Senin, 18 Agustus 2008


Music Review



Cool Track/s : Ode For A Haunted Woods, To Feed Upon Thy Dreams

Rate : 8 / 10

Hecate Enthroned is a symphonic black metal band from the North of England. The band formed in 1993 under the name Daemonum, A year or so later, they changed their name to Hecate Enthroned, this time playing a more melodic black metal style. In 1995 they recorded their demo "Ode for a Haunted Wood", which got the attention of the British label Blackend Records. Blackend had it re-mastered under the title "Under Promethean Shores (Unscriptured Waters) in 1996."This album is my favorite classic black metal album. Actually, my twin brother (Idur-311, hail..) bought it when he was in one of his adventure, in the land of the Gods, BALI! Nice choice, Bro !!

The album is really cool, started with atmospheric opening 'Promethea' with whispering voice, they struck your ear with Jon's long scream and their melodic track 'The Crimson Thorns'. Then from track to track they explore their darkest dreams with blastbeats and erotic sounds of guitars and keyboards. 'To Feed Upon Thy Dreams' and 'An Ode for A Haunted Wood' is my favorite track. But,overall, i like all the tracks from this album. If you're into black metal, you got to have this one. Bloody classic, Be sure..!!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

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Movie Review

Artist : Asthon Kutcher


Rate : 8 / 10

The story begin when Evan Treborn (Kutcher) finds out that he can travel back to his past life through his mind into his own child body. As he tried to fixhis own life and the life of his beloved friends and girlfriend in the past, instead he end up messing them up in the recent time. As he tried again and again to get back and fixed them, everything just won't go the way he planned.Tragicly, he finally came to the point where he no longer know what to do to fixed all the mess.

Asthon Kutcher is one of my favorite actor. He played his role so well in this movie. I like him when he played stupid and funny role on "Dude, where's my car?" or "My Boss's Daughter" and "Just Married". But, I really love his role in this movie. Very strong character and a unique story. 'The Butterfly Effect' is surely one of my favorite movie of all time. What do you think?

Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008


Music Review



Cool Track/s : Reason Rejected, Condensed Conditions, Masses Conformed

Rate : 8 / 10

Disavowed is a brutal death metal band from Dutch. Their goal is to write extreme music that is brutal, yet well structured, technical and catchy. After releasing a demo 'Point Of View'and gain a good responses from all over the deathmetal scene, they set to a record deal with the American label Unique Leader Records. In 2001 their first full length debut album entitled ‘Perceptive Deception’ was released.

This album is one of my Top 10 favorite. This album is not only br00tal, fast or technical like other brutal bands in the genre, but also clean and catchy. The riffs are mixture between old school and modern brutal death. It's easy to fit nodding heads in unison with chaotic rhythm. Guttural low-end vokill, mix with downtune guitar riffs, solid picking bass style, and blasbeats drumming, are a real struck to your guts from track to track. Some piece of brutal art !! A skullcrusher indeed!! highly recommended!!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)


Dalam satu infotainment diberitakan, Sita, salah satu personil mantan group vokal RSD (Rida Sita Dewi), mengaku terlambat mengantisipasi penyakit glaukoma yang diderita oleh ibunya. Sebelum disadari, mata ibunya telah buta sebelah. Saya rasa selain Sita,banyak lagi yang lain yang terlambat menyadari 'gawat'-nya penyakit ini, termasuk sayasendiri. Ayah saya sejak lama mengeluh mata-nya sakit dan penglihatannya memburuk, tapikami semua menganggap itu sakit mata biasa yang berhubungan dengan silinder kacamata Ayahsaya. Kami mulanya hanya membawa beliau ke dokter mata biasa dan bukannya spesialis. Tapikarena tak kunjung sembuh, akhirnya beliau kami bawa ke dokter spesialis mata yang cukupterkenal, dan beliau akhirnya didiagnosa menderita glukoma. Sejak saat itu, kami semuamencari tahu dan mempelajari apa itu Glukoma dan bagaimana mengobatinya. Namun agaknyasemua sudah terlambat, kondisi mata Ayah saya semakin memburuk dan masih diperparah oleh diabetes yang dideritanya. Saat ini Ayah saya telah kehilangan penglihatannya alias buta.Segawat itukah glukoma? Sebenarnya apa sih glukoma itu?

GLUKOMA atau Glucoma sendiri disebut sebagai penyebab kebutaan nomor 2 di dunia dan di Indonesia setelah kebutaan karena Katarak. Ada lebih dari 500,000 kasus kebutaan yang disebabkan oleh Glaukoma di Indonesia. Sebagai tindak lanjut dari campaign World Glaucoma Day atau hari Glaukoma sedunia yang jatuh pada tanggal 6 maret 2008 lalu, Jakarta Eye Center (JEC) mengundang Sita dan artis-artis lainnya untuk bersama - sama menghimbau masyarakat luas mengenai bahaya Glaukoma, terutama untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor resiko Glaukoma dan yang paling penting adalah meningkatkan kesadaran akan pentingnya pemeriksaan dini Glaukoma sebelum terlambat, seperti yang dialami oleh ibunda Sita dan Ayah saya.
Glaukoma merupakan penyakit mata kronis, progresif, berupa kerusakan syaraf optik yang berhubungan dengan hilangnya lapang pandangan dengan karakter yang khas dimana tekanan intra ocular merupakan faktor resiko utama. Bagaimana menilai bahwa tekanan seseorang tinggi? Jawabannya mudah saja, lakukan screening glaukoma sejak dini dan berkonsultasi dengan dokter, karena tekanan mata tinggi untuk seseorang belum tentu glaukoma.
JEC Glaucoma center sebagai salah satu pusat rujukan untuk masalah Glaukoma merasa bahwa sosialisasi dan edukasi mengenai Glaukoma secara terus menerus perlu digaungkan mengingat bahaya yang ditimbulkan oleh penyakit yang dijuluki sebagai ‘Si pencuri Penglihatan’ ini. Oleh karena itu cermati faktor-faktor resiko Glaukoma di bawah ini :
Faktor Resiko Glaukoma :
1. Berumur diatas 40 tahun
2. Memiliki riwayat anggota keluarga yang terkena Glaukoma
3. Memiliki tekanan bola mata tinggi
4. Pemakai steroid lama dan terus menerus (obat tetes mata, obat inhaler asma dan obat radang sendi)
5. Penderita miopia (kacamata minus) dan hipermetropia (kacamata plus) yang tinggi
6. Memiliki trauma pada mata
7. Memiliki riwayat penyakit diabetes melitus, hipertensi dan migren

Sudah cukup jelas? Satu advice dari saya, lakukan pemeriksaan mata sejak dini apabila penglihatan anda terganggu dan hindarkan diri Anda dan orang-orang tercinta Anda dari penyakit Glaukoma sebelum terlambat.


"This article is dedicated to our beloved father. Hopefully, the dark will guide you to the light. We love you.. "

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2008

Cara Mencairkan Dollar dari Cek Paypal Ke Rekening Bank Kita

Artikel ini mungkin sudah banyak ditulis di blog-blog lain, dan sudah banyak yang tahu cara 'mencairkan cek Paypal ke rekening bank di negeri kita, Indonesia. Tapi, saya juga sering membaca di beberapa blog yang saya kunjungi untuk mencari ilmu, banyak juga yang belum mengerti dan menanyakan hal ini. Saya tertarik untuk menulisnya dalam blog saya ini karena menurut saya hal ini meskipun sederhana tapi sangat penting. Mengapa penting?

Seiring makin ramainya program-program bisnis 'mendulang dollar dari internet' macam Adsense,Paid-To-Review, Paid-Per-Play, dan lain-lain, ada satu masalah mendasar yang membuat orang bertanya-tanya (seperti saya juga dulu), "Kita dibayar dollar gimana caranya?" Saya dulu juga membayangkan yang ribet-ribet, seperti 'harus punya Credit card', 'bikin akundi bank asing', dan banyak lagi bayangan seram lainnya. Tapi saya terus menggali dan mencariinfo tentang hal ini. Sampai pada suatu saat saya membaca dari satu blog (maaf, saya sudah lupa blog apa itu, but, thanks anyway) yang menuliskan bahwa mulai oktober 2007 paypal bisa kok dicairkan langsung ke rekening bank yang biasa kita pakai, macam BCA, Bank Niaga, or Bank Mandiri dan bank-bank lainnya yang merupakan bank-bank swasta besar yang modern dan nasabahnya banyak. (kalo BRI gak tau deh :P) Akhirnya pikiran saya terbuka, nyari info di blog, kelamaan, kenapa gak searching aja di google?! Ternyata benar, saya masukin aja keyword 'Cara Mencairkan Cek Paypal'. Search...Boom, there you have it!! Ternyata ada ya situs resminya "Paypalindonesia.com". Ya udah langsung masuk en ambil semua informasi yang ada di situ. Ternyata sangat-sangat mudah, bro!! Syarat utama, ya anda harus punya tabungan. Saya yakin anda sudah punya rekening tabungan, tul khan?

Syarat-syarat lainnya gak susah kok. Disini saya kasih link-nya, dan jangan nunggu lagi,langsung aja di-visit, okei??


Udah Jelas? Mo langsung daftar? Visit here : www.paypal.com


Music Review



Cool Track/s : Liege Of Inveracity, Effigy Of The Forgoten, Jesus Wept

Rate : 9 / 10

Suffocation is the pioneer of original crushing grind/death mixture from New York, USA. Suffocation fused the predominant rhythmic styles of death and speed metal with grindcore song constructions to start a new subgenre of music, "Brutal Death Metal"."Effigy Of The Forgotten" is their debut album. Many says that this album is their best work. It's Classic, It's Legendary. Many brutal bands stated that Suffocation and this album is their main reason to start playing brutal death metal. (Hail to Rotten Corpse for playing them so good !!).

Actually, this album is my first death metal album !! I remember, it was 1992, I was in high school. I bought it from a friend (his brother gave it to him and he hate it !!?, lucky me, huh !!). The first time I played it on my stereo, I was shock and unintensionally drooped my jaws. I thought "What the fxxk is this?!!". The track was "Liege Of Inveracity" and it was fuckin' massive!! My blood is rushing, and my head is banging. I can't stop listen to it until the last track.

This album has always in the top of my Top 10 list. If you're a true death metal freaks, you should have this one among your collections. If you haven't got it yet (where the hell have you been?), then get it now. Buy it, borrow it, or even steal it, i don't care !!. Trust me, you won't regret it. It's highly recommended.

Want this album?? Download it at
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

"The Opening Speech"

New day has begun.

Welcome to the world of blog

Today is Tuesday. A beautiful and bright day. Some say 'a busy day'. How bout u? Me? I have to agree with that, in fact everyday is a busy day, except weekend off course. But, you know what? today is a big day (well, for me, at least) because today i launch my first blog. oh yeahh, big deal !! everybody have a blog nowadays. what so important with that. Actually, there's nothing big about that, it's just i'm so excited that now i have a place or a room to share my thoughts!! That's what a Blog is all about, right? To share. To share what? everything!! You can share your thought about your felling, or some information that might be usefull for others.

As for myself. I made this blog to share some informations. I really need a place to express myself and to share my thought about things that interest me. I like Movies, Music, Sport, Games, and few other cool stuff. And i want to talk about it!! Hopefully, someone will visit this blog and get some informations they need. And if that's happen, I will be very satisfied.

The name "Review-holic" i choose because i like to write a review about almost everything that excite me. I wrote it on my personal journal in my PC. And I guest it's time for me to share them all with others. I really hope that you get what you need in this blog. Okei ??

So, enjoy your visit....!

Best Regard,

Rully Taraka