Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008


Music Review



Cool Track/s : Reason Rejected, Condensed Conditions, Masses Conformed

Rate : 8 / 10

Disavowed is a brutal death metal band from Dutch. Their goal is to write extreme music that is brutal, yet well structured, technical and catchy. After releasing a demo 'Point Of View'and gain a good responses from all over the deathmetal scene, they set to a record deal with the American label Unique Leader Records. In 2001 their first full length debut album entitled ‘Perceptive Deception’ was released.

This album is one of my Top 10 favorite. This album is not only br00tal, fast or technical like other brutal bands in the genre, but also clean and catchy. The riffs are mixture between old school and modern brutal death. It's easy to fit nodding heads in unison with chaotic rhythm. Guttural low-end vokill, mix with downtune guitar riffs, solid picking bass style, and blasbeats drumming, are a real struck to your guts from track to track. Some piece of brutal art !! A skullcrusher indeed!! highly recommended!!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

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