Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

"The Opening Speech"

New day has begun.

Welcome to the world of blog

Today is Tuesday. A beautiful and bright day. Some say 'a busy day'. How bout u? Me? I have to agree with that, in fact everyday is a busy day, except weekend off course. But, you know what? today is a big day (well, for me, at least) because today i launch my first blog. oh yeahh, big deal !! everybody have a blog nowadays. what so important with that. Actually, there's nothing big about that, it's just i'm so excited that now i have a place or a room to share my thoughts!! That's what a Blog is all about, right? To share. To share what? everything!! You can share your thought about your felling, or some information that might be usefull for others.

As for myself. I made this blog to share some informations. I really need a place to express myself and to share my thought about things that interest me. I like Movies, Music, Sport, Games, and few other cool stuff. And i want to talk about it!! Hopefully, someone will visit this blog and get some informations they need. And if that's happen, I will be very satisfied.

The name "Review-holic" i choose because i like to write a review about almost everything that excite me. I wrote it on my personal journal in my PC. And I guest it's time for me to share them all with others. I really hope that you get what you need in this blog. Okei ??

So, enjoy your visit....!

Best Regard,

Rully Taraka

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