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Cool Track/s : Liege Of Inveracity, Effigy Of The Forgoten, Jesus Wept

Rate : 9 / 10

Suffocation is the pioneer of original crushing grind/death mixture from New York, USA. Suffocation fused the predominant rhythmic styles of death and speed metal with grindcore song constructions to start a new subgenre of music, "Brutal Death Metal"."Effigy Of The Forgotten" is their debut album. Many says that this album is their best work. It's Classic, It's Legendary. Many brutal bands stated that Suffocation and this album is their main reason to start playing brutal death metal. (Hail to Rotten Corpse for playing them so good !!).

Actually, this album is my first death metal album !! I remember, it was 1992, I was in high school. I bought it from a friend (his brother gave it to him and he hate it !!?, lucky me, huh !!). The first time I played it on my stereo, I was shock and unintensionally drooped my jaws. I thought "What the fxxk is this?!!". The track was "Liege Of Inveracity" and it was fuckin' massive!! My blood is rushing, and my head is banging. I can't stop listen to it until the last track.

This album has always in the top of my Top 10 list. If you're a true death metal freaks, you should have this one among your collections. If you haven't got it yet (where the hell have you been?), then get it now. Buy it, borrow it, or even steal it, i don't care !!. Trust me, you won't regret it. It's highly recommended.

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