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Get Traffic from Yahoo Answer!

Do you know 'Yahoo Answer!'? I bet you do, but let me tell them who don't know. Yahoo! Answers is an online community in which participants ask and answer questions on many topics. Surfers are aware of Yahoo Answer and its use. But how many are aware that Yahoo Answer! can drive huge amount of traffic to your blog?

Posting and answering questions does the magic in Yahoo Answer! Here's the tip. Answer questions that are related with your blog or the post and supply your blog url in the source box. That's it.


Movie Review

Artist : Christian Bale Vs Heath Ledger
Tittle : Batman 'The Dark Knight'
Director: Christoper Nolan
Rate : 9,5 / 10

Dark, complex and Thrilling. It may be a Batman film, but this isn't a kid-friendly action movie full of the bams and pows of the original series. This is a pitch-black action-thriller with drama and tragedy. But still, it will certainly keep both comics fans and action movie audiences equally happy.

In this movie, the two lead characters, the Joker and the Batman have to deal with a violent past - a past that is dominated by the Father. For the Joker it is the vengeful, sadistic Father, while for the Batman, it is about the loss of the protective Father shot dead in a random street robbery. Both are troubled men, both are fractured, and they choose different ways to deal with their respective legacies.

The cast are -somehow- perfect. Christian Bale "IS" Batman. Heath Ledger excellent performance as a Joker -which is terrifying- many says the best Joker ever. Aaron Eckhart is equally good as the new D.A, Harvey Dent. And last but surely not least, Maggie Gyllenhaal deserves praise for taking over the role of Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes.

This movie is awesome. Each set piece is done perfectly, leaving the audience breathless. THE DARK KNIGHT is surely filmmaking at its best. Its subject matter may be dark and depressing, but it's still entertaining as a superhero movie does. Excellent Movie. A must see.

Starring: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Kamis, 25 September 2008

Google PageRank Button Widget

Want the world knows your Goggle PageRank?

Simply add this button to your blogs to display its current Google PageRank.
Here's to get the code :


This is how your PageRank button will look :

This button automatically shows the PageRank of whatever page it's placed on, so you can place it in your navigation or footer to add a PageRank display to the entire site.

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BLOGUPP, The Easy Way To Promote Your Blog and Gain More Traffic

Here is the new and easiest way to promote your Blog and gain more traffic. Simply use the great service provided by Blogupp.com

How simple? All you have to do is :

- Log in to www.blogupp.com
- Insert your Blog's URL into the form
- Click "Shoot Ahead"
- You'll get a widget short code to include into your blog
- Done !!

After we insert the widget into our blog, Blogupp will show our blog in other blog which had this widget too. And for a change, that "other" blog will show up in our blog with (10:9) exchange ratio. Preety cool, right?

So, for a more effective and interactive blog promotion.. Let's BlogUpp!

Rabu, 17 September 2008


Game Review

Player : Christiano Ronaldo, Lionell Messy, and many more

Rate : 8 / 10

Championship Manager 2008 has arrived (Review)

Championship Manager 2008 still remains the best and the fastest football management simulation on the market. This game offers a streamlined and constant gameplay experience to the player. Furthermore following on from its debut appearance in Championship Manager 2007, ProZone is back as a fully integrated Post Match Analysis tool which isolates the key factors that decided the result of your game and provides you with the knowledge to act on the match incidents and strengthen your team for the next fixture. Choose your favorit teams along with their newest formations. Buy and Play your favorite stars like Christiano Ronaldo from The UEFA Champions League Winner, Manchester United, Lionel Messy of Barcelona, Luca Toni with Bayern Munchen, Didier Drogba of Chelsea, Pippo Inzaghi of Milan, and many more.

Enjoy the game, cheers !!

School Gifts (Funny Story)

It was at the end of the school year, and a kindergarten teacher was receiving gifts from her pupils.

The florist's son handed her a gift. She shook it, held it overhead, and said,
"I bet I know what it is. Some flowers."
" That's right" the boy said, "but how did you know?"
"Oh, just a wild guess," she said.

The next pupil was the candy shop owner's daughter. The teacher held her gift overhead, shook it, and said,
"I bet I can guess what it is. A box of sweets."
"That's right, but how did you know?" asked the girl.
"Oh, just a wild guess," said the teacher.

The next gift was from the son of the liquor store owner. The teacher held the package overhead, but it was leaking. She touched a drop of the leakage with her finger and touched it to her tongue.
"Is it wine?" she asked.
"No," the boy replied, with some excitement.
The teacher repeated the process, taking a larger drop of the leakage to her tongue.
"Is it champagne?" she asked.
"No," the boy replied, with more excitement.
The teacher took one more taste before declaring,
"I give up, what is it?"
With great glee, the boy replied,
"It's a puppy!"

Courtesy of : Batchmates


Game Review

Player : Squall Lionheart, Rinoa Heartilly, Seifer

Rate : 9 / 10

Final fantasy VIII is the first RPG game i played on my Playstation Console. This game is credited as 'the best RPG game' in 2001. This next chapter in Final Fantasy takes the series to the next level. Final Fantasy VIII combines an epic storyline with dynamic role-playing elements, breathtaking music, and well-defined characters. This game is a big hit.

The story, being one of its best parts, is one of the biggest reasons to play this game. The story is about an adventure of Squall Lionheart, a student in a millitary college called Balamb Garden. The game's story also features many cool characters that players can feel the personality of and relate to. Whether it be Squall's silence or Rinoa's smiles, Zell's ambitious attitude or the cheery attitude of Selphie, or even Seifer's stuck up attitude mixed with his rivalry with Squall, these types of things all will be not only observed, but felt within the fans as they play this game. This game's story features friendships, rivalries with enemies, war, and love.

The gameplay still features the standard FF random battle idea, but the different in the battle system is FF VIII uses the "junction" system. The characters link themselves to their summons and magics and that is what their abilities become. You get summons at the start of the game. Your summons are called "Guardian Forces or GF" and work on a charge meter and a separate life bar. Summoning these GF is very cool. I enjoyed fighting with this summons. Those Guardian Forces are awesome. The graphics are pretty well done. This time the characters aren't miniature. I think the FMVs are great. How fast or short can you finish this game? Without going for the extras you can probably average about a 50 hour game completion going through the game. But You'll enjoy 70 hour with no regret anyway, believe me on this one.

This story is one of the strongest points of the game, next being the interactive scenes and the gameplay. The world of Final Fantasy VIII comes to life in a dazzling display of digital artistry that spans 4 CDs. With the addition of an hour worth of CG animation, a new "Junction" system, and compatibility with the Dual Shock Analog Controller, Final Fantasy VIII is a breathtaking addition to the FF series. Any RPG fan will definitely enjoy this game.

Senin, 15 September 2008

How to download Video from Youtube ?

I've been asking this question so many times. "How to download a Video from Youtube?". I bet you know how to do that, or you don't? There are millions of videos we can watch in youtube. But, not all of us now how to download it and keep it in our PC for private collections. Well, today i want to write it down, a simple way to download video from youtube. If you already know how to do that, just skip this article. Or you can share it with others through your blogs.

Here we go..
1. Log on to Youtube. (It's "www.youtube.com", off course!!)
2. Search for the video you want to download.
3. Klik the video to play it.
4. In the address bar, you will see the link of the video.
5. Copy the link
6. Open "www.keepvid.com" in a new window
7. Insert the copied link inside the URL bar
8. Click 'Download'
9. There will be another option, you have to choose your downloaded video will be
in .flv format or .mp4 format (let's try .flv)
10. Click 'Download'
11. Voila, there you have it..

In my experience, .flv format can't be played in your Windows Media Player. So, you have to convert the .flv files into avi format. No problems, you can search the internet for that software. For example i use 'freez flvtoavi'. It's pretty simple software and so easy to use.

Well, it's so simple right? So, what are you waiting for? Download your favorites videos now!! Surf savely!!

Jumat, 12 September 2008

Celebrating The 1st Birthday of This Blog

Today this blog is one month old! Horray !! I’m really excited, ‘cos I never thought I will be serious with this “Blogging stuff”. I was really skeptical about blogging. Posting articles, blogwalking, trade backlinks, and so on, and so on. But, then I find it really hard to not visit this -new toy- blog every single day. To post something new, to add picture, video, friendlist, or some gadgets, to make it look more beautiful, it’s just exciting to find something new everyday. I didn’t really know why I made this blog before. But now, I feel really happy that I have my own space to share my thoughts to the world. Blog is really cool invention, don’t you think? Well, I had nothing more to say.. Just happy birthday to this blog.


Music Review

Artist : EMPEROR


Cool Track/s : I am The Black Wizard, The Burning Shadows Of Silence

Rate : 8 / 10

'IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE' is the debut album by Norwegian black metal band 'EMPEROR'. This album features one of their best-known song, "I am the Black Wizards", and is considered a defining album for the black metal genre. It also featured two cover songs as bonus tracks (listed below), the first of which also appears on the Bathory tribute album "In Conspiracy With Satan".

When you talking about 'Emperor', then you have to talk about complexity. Their music is - i say - complex atmospheric black metal. The blast beats drums is always mixed with keyboards and fast but catchy guitar riffs. Make their music so rich and atmospheric. And the scream.. well, it is black metal with Big B, indeed!! For you black metal freaks, you should have this one!!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

Awas !! Sweeping Windows Bajakan Dari Microsoft Indonesia

Minggu kemarin, temen-temen IT di kantor saya mendapat berita dari kantor pusat di Jakarta bahwa di pusat sana telah mendapat kunjungan atau sweeping dari pihak Microsoft Indonesia berkenaan dengan penggunaan Windows Original. Mereka mengingatkan kita disini supaya mempersiapkan diri mengantisipasi sweeping, supaya jangan sampe komputer2 disini nantinya disita bila ketangkep gak pake windows Ori. Sesaat setelah itu, temen2 IT ini sibuk meng-install ulang beberapa komputer di kantor saya ini dengan Windows Ori. Windows Ori di kantor saya, sebenernya sudah ada tapi cuman disimpen aja. Yang dipake nge-install cuman satu. Nyari praktisnya ya. Tapi apa bener kalo misalnya kita ke-gap pake yang gak ori, trus PC kita langsung di sita?

Pada artikel ini saya ingin sharing mengenai undang-undang atau prosedur yang sah yang perlu kita ketahui jika terjadi sweeping mengenai Software Windows Bajakan. Informasi ini dapat diperoleh melalui website Microsoft Indonesia. Informasi ini sangat penting agar supaya kita tidak menjadi korban para oknum POLRI yang suka mengatasnamakan UU HaKI untuk melaksanakan penyitaan/penggrebekan secara sewenang-wenang.

"Pihak POLRI TIDAK BERHAK Untuk mengambil komputer dari TKP kecuali TERBUKTI TERLIBAT dalam tindakan kriminal (praduga Tak bersalah) "

Dalam hal ini misalnya digunakan untuk membuat CD/DVD bajakan, menjual software bajakan, mempubilkasikan secara umum (bersifat komersial) seperti isilagu/ringtone MP3, toko menjual barang ilegal (hardware curian), credit card fraud, dll.

Proses PEMBUKTIAN KETERLIBATAN seseorang dalam tindakan kriminal yang menggunakan komputer membutuhkan waktu yang lama, termasuk melakukan pengintaian. Jadi, apabila ada POLISI yang berani masuk ke dalam kantor atau warnet dan menyatakan harus menyita semua komputer yang ada berarti mereka adalah OKNUM yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Semua ada proses/prosedurnya mengenai pemakaian Windows Original, pernyataan di bawah ini diperoleh langsung dari pihak Microsoft Indonesia dan juga melalui perwakilannya, yaitu Magenta sebagai tempat pendaftaran MSRA.

Akan ada perwakilan dari pihak yang merasa berkepentingan (misalnya Microsoft) yang lebih dikenal dengan sebutan SURVEYOR datang melakukan SURVEY, BUKAN RAZIA/PENYITAAN!. Mereka wajib Menunjukkan surat perintah kerja (SPK) yang berisikan detail apa saja yang harus mereka kerjakan. User BERHAK melakukan konfirmasi dengan cara menelphone pihak microsoft Indonesia atau Magenta tentang keberadaan surveyor di lapangan tersebut.

Apabila surveyor mendapatkan penggunaan software bajakan, maka surveyor tersebut BERHAK meminta surat pernyataan dari user yang WAJIB diisi data sesuai dengan keadaan dilapangan oleh user.

Pihak Microsoft/ MAgenta akan mengirim surat penawaran untuk menyelesaikan tindakan pelanggaran oleh user. Setelah user mengkonfirmasi tindakan yang telah diambil apakah memutuskan untuk menggunakan Windows original atau beralih ke solusi freeware seperti LINUX, pihak Microsoft / Magenta akan mengirimkan kembali seorang surveyor memastikan kebenaran di lapangan.

Apabila user tidak merespon penawaran dan atau setelah surveyor mendatangi kembali masih mendapatkan pelanggaran, maka pihak microsoft/Magenta akan mengirimkan surat peringatan.

Apabila user tidak me-respon surat peringatan, maka pihak microsoft / magenta akan memperkarakan secara hukum dan menyerahkannya ke pihak POLRI.

Selanjutnya seperti proses hukum yang berlaku, POLRI akan mengirimkan surat panggilan pertama, kedua, ketiga dan apabila tidak direspon baru akan dilakukan penyitaan dan penyegelan tempat usaha.

Notes !
Diluar proses/prosedur di atas, User BERHAK mempertahankan kepemilikannya atas harta benda yang dibeli secara legal dan sebagai pembeli dapat memposisikan dirinya sebagai KORBAN. Tidak bisa suatu merek mem-perkarakan merek lain, misalnya microsoft memperkarakan Biling Explorer bajakan. Hal tersebut merupakan etika merek dagang terdaftar (registered trade mark) internasional.

Ps : Informasi ini dapat diperoleh melalui website Microsoft Indonesia atau apabila kita mencoba mengaktifasi / update windows bajakan


Music Review



Cool Track/s : Day of Suffering, Unholy Blasphemies, Abominations

Rate : 8 / 10

Morbid Angel is a Florida-based death metal band assembled in 1983. Many says this band is one of the first genre to bring death metal to its brutal side. Their songs are complex in arrangement, owing to the considerable technical skills of guitarist Trey Azagthoth and drummer Pete Sandoval.

If you haven't notice, Morbid Angel albums have been released in alphabetical order. So far it's 'A to H' with 'heretic' is their last album. I love this album so much. The music is brutal death metal with classical influence. Their songs structure is differ from other death bands. Trey explore his darkest side and mixed it with classical riffs and matched it with the fast tempo of Pete's blastbeats drumming. So cool !!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

Kamis, 11 September 2008

Blood Type Personalities by The Japanese

Recently I watch an asian movie called "My Boyfriend is type B" which inspiring me to write this posting. Do you know that Japanese are really aware about other people's blood type, especially when they're looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. They believe the blood type influenced the people's personalities.

Here is the Japanese Blood Type Personality Chart :

Type A
While outwardly calm, they have such high standards (perfectionists) that they tend to be balls of nerves on the inside. Type A's people are the most artistic of the blood groups. They can be shy, are conscientious, trustworthy, and sensitive.

Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, punctual, and perfectionist.
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious, and uptight.

Famous People of A's: George H. W. Bush, Ayumi Hamasaki, O. J. Simpson, Britney Spears, Alan Alda, Adolf Hitler, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon

Type B
Goal oriented and strong minded, type B's will start a task and continue it until completed, and completed well. Type B's are the individualists of the blood group categories and find their own way in life.

Best Traits: Creative and passionate. Animal loving. Optimistic and flexible. Individualist.
Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered.

Famous People of B's: Akira Kurosawa, Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Tom Selleck, Mia Farrow, Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vince Young, Nadia Akmal

Type AB
Type AB's are the split personalities of the blood groups. They can be both outgoing and shy, confident and timid. While responsible, too much responsibility will cause a problem. They are trustworthy and like to help others.

Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational. Introverted. Empathic.
Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.

Famous People of AB's: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Thomas Edison, Bob Sapp, Miyabi, Ken Kitamura

Type O
Type O's are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, although they don't always finish what they start. Creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.

Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders
Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain and insensitive. Ruthless

Famous People of O's: Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Elvis Presley, Gerald Ford, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Capone, Crystal Kay

This phenomenon made japanese embraced the idea of matching personality traits with one's blood type. Well, believe it or not, some companies in Japan had divided workers by blood type.

Here is the compatibility by blood group :
A is most compatible with A and AB
B is most compatible with B and AB
AB is most compatible with AB, B, A and O
O is most compatible with O, and AB

Preety interesting fact isn't it? Later on i read a wise quote from Trey Parker and Matt Stone :
"Family isn't about whose blood you have. It's about who you care about."

Senin, 08 September 2008

Have You Thank God Today?

A friend of mine sent me a story that touch me preety deep. It's about a little blind boy and a man. The story goes..

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which said : "I am blind, please help". There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, "Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?"

The man said, " I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way." What he had written was, "Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it."

Both signs meant the same, but the first sign simply said the boy was blind. The second sign told people they were so lucky that they were not blind.

The moral of the story is :
The story reminds us to thank God for what we have. Sometimes (or should i say 'many times?') we forgot to thank God for everything we had now.We always complaint about this and about that. Complaints are useless. God gave us the best that suit us. Maybe sometimes things doesn't work the way we plan. But, maybe God had a better plan for us. Just do your best, and pray that God will give you the best too.

Have you thank God today? Do it now.

Jumat, 05 September 2008

THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

Book Review
Rate : 8 / 10

Every people have this 'hidden strength' inside of them. This 'hidden strength' is what we talking about in this book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Unfortunately, not every people realize that they have this 'power' or 'strength'. They should know that if they can burst and maximize this 'strength' inside, they would be able to do anything that they thought they can't. They would be able to achieve everything they want in this live.

This book encourage the readers to learn to maximize the hidden strength inside of them, to help them achieve happiness they dreamed of. This book contains a lot of positive motivations that will encourage us to be more optimistic in this live. Many of us fell bored and pessimistic, and did not realize that we have more power to face all the challenge in this live. This book will teach us to open ourselves and to understand more about our own potential ability. This book also teach us to push ourselves to the limit to reach the success with all the strength we had. To dare to try something new and never scared of failure. I recommended this book for you who felt stagnant with your live and need for some guidance to lead you to see the world with a better and brighter point of view.

Kamis, 04 September 2008


Music Review

Artist : BURZUM


Cool Track/s : Ea, Lord Of The Depth, My Journey To The Stars

Rate : 9 / 10

Burzum began in 1991 as a prominent and influential Norwegian black metal solo project of Varg Vikernes (born Kristian Vikernes). Originally, he used the pseudonym Count Grishnackh. Burzum was instrumental in the crystallisation of early black metal, much of which is due to the infamy attributed to Vikernes since the murder of his former bandmate (Varg played bass on one of Mayhem's albums) Øystein Aarseth, who is known better to some by his stage name of "Euronymous".

Vikernes has described Burzum as a kind of "spell" or recreation of an imaginary world tied in with Pagan history. Vikernes claims the intent to create this fantasy world came from dissatisfaction with the real world. He has stated the "message" of Burzum can be found in the lyrics of the first song on this album (Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown)

In my oppinion, this album is really classic. Atmospheric. From start to finish, the tracks build an atmosphere of darkness, sadness, and despair. My favorits are Ea, Lord of The Depth and My Journey To The Stars. The riffs are so melodic that you won't easily forget, instead it will follow you through your dreams. Bringing your dark souls into surface. If you're a true black metal fans, you should have this one.

A Masterpiece !! Hail Darkness !!

Want this album?? Download it at this blog :
THE BLACK DUNGEON (http://blackeneddungeon.blogspot.com)

Rank Widget For Your Blog

Do you want to put Alexa Traffic Rank widget, Technorati Blog Rank widget, Google Page Rank, or Yahoo Search InLink widget in your blog? By visiting the site "www.rankwidget.com" we can easily install the widgets. There are many choice of available colours too.

If you wish to tide this cool widgets, just follow this easy and simple tutorial :

1. Please type your blog's URL at input text like seen at the following picture.

2. Check at the radio button of the widgets which will be attached in your blog.

3. Click Get Rank!, Rank and brief description from our blog we will also be presented.

4. Scroll down the screen and check out the section 'Show this rank on your website/blog', choose one of widget then copy/paste the script into your site/blog. And..that's it.

5. Check out the preview of the widget in your blog now. Preety cool, right?

6. For other widgets, just repeat step 1 to 4.

So? What are you waiting for? Attached those cool widgets into your blogs right now!!

Source : Rank Widget For Your Blog by lbsfighter

Selasa, 02 September 2008

10 Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

There are 10 basic search engine optimization / SEO techniques you can use to improve your blog/site ranking.

1. Meta Tags.
Meta tags is always comes first. It's really important. Meta tags are simple lines of code at the top of your web page programming that tell search engines about your page. Include the title tag, keywords tag, description tag, and robots tag on each page.

2. Create and update your sitemap.
Developing a site map is a simple way of giving search engines the information they need to crawl your entire blog or website. There are plenty of free software packages on the web that can help you generate a sitemap. Once you create a sitemap, submit it to the big three : Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

3. Submit your blogs/website to search engine directories.
It's always a good idea to let large search engine directories know that you're out there. Submit your website URL to directories like Google, Yahoo, and DMOZ.

4. Place keywords in your page content.
Search engines scan your website and web pages for keywords. Shoot for a keyword density of between two and eight percent. Google likes your page to be at the lower end of this scale and Yahoo at the upper end.

5. Ensure that all navigation is in HTML.
All too often, navigational items are in the form of java script. Even though navigation technically still works in this format, it's not optimized. Create your navigation in HTML to enhance internal links throughout your website.

6. Make sure that your website code is clean.
Keep in mind when optimizing a web page crawlers are basically only looking at your source code. When programming your web pages,having W3C compliant code can make all the difference. Run your code through a W3C validator before promoting.

7. Build links to your website.
Backlinks is the key. Consider building a link exchange program or create one-way links to your site using articles or forum posts. All major search engines value the importance of your website based on how many others websites are linking to it.

8. Check that all images include ALT text.
Your image's alt text is spidered by search engines. If you're not including your keywords in alt text, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for improved search engine result placements. Label all of your images properly.

9. Use Flash content sparingly.
Content generated through java script or flash is a big no-no. Some webmasters like to use flash because of the presentation. If you must, use it sparingly, but only after your site has been properly optimized with basic search engine optimization in mind.

10. Learn the basics.
Learning to optimize your website for search engines takes time and patience. Start by applying basic search engine optimization principles. If you're new to website optimization, or even a well seasoned veteran, begin by prioritizing which pages are most important to you and go from there. Soon you'll find yourself moving up the rankings.

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