Jumat, 12 September 2008

Celebrating The 1st Birthday of This Blog

Today this blog is one month old! Horray !! I’m really excited, ‘cos I never thought I will be serious with this “Blogging stuff”. I was really skeptical about blogging. Posting articles, blogwalking, trade backlinks, and so on, and so on. But, then I find it really hard to not visit this -new toy- blog every single day. To post something new, to add picture, video, friendlist, or some gadgets, to make it look more beautiful, it’s just exciting to find something new everyday. I didn’t really know why I made this blog before. But now, I feel really happy that I have my own space to share my thoughts to the world. Blog is really cool invention, don’t you think? Well, I had nothing more to say.. Just happy birthday to this blog.

2 komentar:

cipu mengatakan...

Yeaah, you rock. COngratulation for the birthday. Keep you spirit up. I know there will be time when you are lazy to write. I have my lazy perioed last year. But now,i get the spirit again

Rully Taraka mengatakan...

thanks cipu..
gue gak tau cara nyari link lo..
please leave your blog's url