Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

Get Your Own Domain For Free !!

Free Domain available..

Own a domain for free? Is that possible? The answer is "YES !!"For you bloggers, now you can have your own domain for free. Actually, there aresome services that provide you with free domain services, such as :
- co.cc
- co.nr
- uni.cc
You can choose one of those services that suits you best.

And it's also really easy to have your own free domain. You just simply sign-up and choose your domain'sname (it will be approved if the name's available), and then you can forward your blog's URL to this domain, and that's it, you have your own domain now. Off course your blog's name will change into "http://yourblogname.co.cc" or "http://yourblogname.co.nr/'. Preety cool, right? Just try it..!!

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