Jumat, 15 Agustus 2008


Movie Review

Artist : Asthon Kutcher


Rate : 8 / 10

The story begin when Evan Treborn (Kutcher) finds out that he can travel back to his past life through his mind into his own child body. As he tried to fixhis own life and the life of his beloved friends and girlfriend in the past, instead he end up messing them up in the recent time. As he tried again and again to get back and fixed them, everything just won't go the way he planned.Tragicly, he finally came to the point where he no longer know what to do to fixed all the mess.

Asthon Kutcher is one of my favorite actor. He played his role so well in this movie. I like him when he played stupid and funny role on "Dude, where's my car?" or "My Boss's Daughter" and "Just Married". But, I really love his role in this movie. Very strong character and a unique story. 'The Butterfly Effect' is surely one of my favorite movie of all time. What do you think?

2 komentar:

faritwebpage mengatakan...

Yups brother... i do agree with you. but you might also wanna see his heroic act on "the guardian" with kevin costner. its an inspiring movie. check it out.

rully taraka mengatakan...

really? i love asthon.. i'm surely will check it out..!!! (^_^)