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Music Review


Cool Track/s : To Weep Once More, Souls To Deny, Tomes Of Acrimony
Rate : 8 / 10

Souls to Deny is a 2004 album by the death metal band Suffocation marking the end of a 6-year hiatus. This is the first album featuring guitarist Guy Marchais (ex-Pyrexia, ex-Internal Bleeding) and marks the return of original drummer, Mike Smith. They did not have a bass player during the recording; bass guitar tracks on the album are played by Terrance Hobbs and Mike Smith. The cover artwork is from well-known artist Dan Seagrave.

The production is perfectly clean, the instruments sound incredible, and the vocals sound perfect (but not as guttural as in older albums), the mixing and mastering is great. The artwork is fabulous as every Suffocation album. So anyway this album is great for those who haven't heard Suffocation earlier work; and for those who have the album itself
(without comparing it to Effigy... and Pierced...) is amazing, very good structured, and with awesome musicians (minus Doug Cerrito), a great album that must be heard by every metal head. Suffocation is always come up with freat materials, so I highly recommend this album.
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